Tattoos And Their Application

oday, more and more people are getting tattoos. When they decide to put a tattoo on their skin they can choose among wide variety of signs, symbols, letters and pictures. Tattooing is a process where ink is injected under your skin and this is done by a tattoo gun which has a needle which goes up and down really fast and pierces the skin and is puts the ink under the skin.

Today, several types of tattoo guns are available on the market. There are some guns that use more than one needle, but they are not the best for tattooing. Also you should be careful to use sterile needles and ink when you are getting a tattoo on the skin. With this you can be sure that you are avoiding an infection on your skin later. Also be sure that the needle is not used more than once but is brand new from the package when used on you and then thrown away after.

Jailhouse tattoos are tattoos that are made in the jail, but the term has come to mean that the tattoos are made of home materials. Even the guns can be fashioned from home made materials and the tattoos are usually given at home or in a location that is not sanitary. These types of tattoos are very unsafe and should be avoided. The nature of the gun causes the skin to rip or jerk so the tattoo itself is usually of poor design. There is also a chance that the needle can go into the skin too deeply causing serious complications. In addition, the chance of infection and spread of disease is very high using this method.

Most tattoos are made with black and white ink, but any color can be used and tattoos can be multi colored as well. It takes a good artist with a lot of experience to draw and color intricate tattoos so be sure to find one with a solid track record in applying color if that is the type of tattoo you want and you want it to look impressive when complete.

Tattoos are permanent as the ink is injected under the skin so it cannot be washed away. Since the needle actually pierces the skin, there is always the risk of infection. Electric tattoo guns with disposable needles afford the least chance of infection but equally important is disinfecting the skin area well.

To ensure you get an absolutely gorgeous tattoo, be sure to find an artist which practices good hygiene and also has superb artistic talent. Then you will have a tattoo you will be proud to show off.

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